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The 5 best automated business ideas (easy to start)

When researching online business ideas to set up; we often come across the word “financial independence”. I prefer to stop you right away, I’m not going to teach you how to achieve this type of freedom, because I confess a truth to you: I still haven’t achieved it myself. And no, I don’t get up at 10 a.m. to start my morning routine. I don’t work from my swimming pool either, in who knows what hotel in an exotic country. No, I’m still slaving away starting businesses that are useful to you all. No, it’s not dreaming, but it’s the reality of life for 90% of entrepreneurs on earth. Here, I’m not going to teach you how to achieve financial freedom, but how to get closer to it. How ? By launching your automated business. Ps: I wrote an article where I present business ideas to you to set up without money. It is available: here !

1.  To sell online courses

It’s a source of income that can be 90% automated. Why the remaining 10%? Because you will always have after-sales service to carry out. Yes, you can delegate your after-sales service to a virtual assistant, but unfortunately, there are decisions that this one cannot take for you, or answers of which he will never be 100% sure. So you will still be solicited. But it’s still a good level of automation for a type of activity that can pay off big. Because yes, when I talk about online training, I’m talking about advice you can provide on different media in exchange for payment from your customers. But the prices of your training have no limit: they will depend on the price that your target is ready to pay to receive your teaching. Consider subscription training (with a recurring payment each month to optimize the “average basket” of each converted customer.

2. To start a SAAS business

If you don’t know what SAAS is, don’t panic, it’s nothing too technical. I keep it simple: it’s an online service that you are going to offer and which is completely automated. Many of the services you use through your smartphone apps are SAAS, like GMAIL, Dropbox or whatever. But you don’t have to be a Silicon Valley engineer to come up with your own SAAS. Many programmers sell SAAS ready to be installed online on your own website. Very often, these SAAS offer you the possibility of selling subscription formulas to the end customer. Everything is available at frankly affordable prices for automated businesses that you can set up yourself or hire a programmer to set it up. SAAS are available on the platform: Call me if you have found a SAAS that suits you, and you would like to know where to start to launch it.

3. To create an online wholesale shop

What good is selling items like a retailer, when you can become a supplier yourself?! That’s what I’m offering you here! A tip: sell bundles of fashion items to Instagrammers with a small or medium audience. They are looking for trendy and not too expensive items to resell to their audience (to monetize it). How to automate this business? Well you just have to set up your online store. I advise you to use  my platform, which is available: here! Then you hire a virtual assistant. You will find very good ones on Fiverr, freelancing in India or Pakistan. She will take care of soliciting your customers with a copy-paste text to send in dm. It will also take care of receiving orders from wholesalers (Alibaba) and shipping them to your customers. Be careful how you approach, because don’t forget that your customers receive solicitations every day.

4. Sell dropshipping items

It’s a type of business that I talk very little about, because now dropshipping has a big pejorative connotation. But still, if you know what you’re doing, dropshipping can become an automated source of income. Basically, what is dropshipping? Well, it consists of selling articles on a given niche (with demand). The trick is not to have stocks, but to ship the products directly from your suppliers’ warehouse. So it eliminates the costs related to inventory and shipping of your products. There are different variations of dropshipping, but I have roughed it out for you. Obviously, at the beginning the business will not be automated. But no business will be in its infancy. It will become so once you have delegated certain tasks and found effective sources of income.

5. To offer ecommerce solutions

Previous years have been complicated for traders (especially for small structures). They already knew that being present online was important, but then they realized that it was more urgent than they thought (especially after the epidemic that we all experienced). Many have decided to take the bull by the horns and sign up for free (or not) platforms to sell their own items. But, because there’s always a “but”, they realized that the workload was too huge. They have to manage their physical business, set up their site (trying to understand how the platform works); publish their articles (despite their hundreds of different references). Many have given up before they even started and they are not likely to get started…unless you offer them to set up their e-commerce site yourself and take care of their references. Big agencies offer these services, but are too expensive for small traders, so you have your chances. The trick is to already create the shop (without adding the items to it), because it’s always more meaningful for a customer to see the final result before buying.

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