The 5 best business ideas in Bali

Not easy to find an idea to create a business in Bali. I’m back from a trip to Bali, and I come back with a head full of memories, good times and above all business ideas, so don’t panic! Because Bali is a region full of opportunities whether you want to set up a small or medium-sized business. I will not tell you about the administrative procedures and other procedures, simply because I have no expertise on this and invite you to consult an expert directly on site. It will help you see more clearly with regard to the creation of the company and the acquisition of specific visas. I will also give business ideas to those who do not wish to settle there, but who wish to import products from there, for example. Because the smallest typical element there is a business opportunity. I will present to you in the article 5 business ideas to set up in Bali. For those who would like to get in touch with entrepreneurs (who work in Bali or the surrounding area) and who would be happy to provide you with information, contact me by e-mail: Ps: I wrote an article where I give you 5 business ideas to set up in Thailand. It is available: here !

1. A guest house for English-speaking tourists

I mention it here because it is a type of business that is very widespread in Bali and which still has a bright future ahead of it. Indeed, we were accompanied by a local guide during our stay in Bali. And it turns out that our guide spoke perfect english and even knew common words. We asked him where this almost perfect enflish came from and he explained to us that he had worked for elderly american people who ran a guest house. They had to leave the country for health reasons, but the business was going well. And if you look closer, the americans represent a high proportion of tourists in Bali, along with Australians and other regions and accommodation is something you cannot escape when you are a tourist. It is not possible to set up a business of this type without partnering with a local.

2. The export of Balinese-inspired furniture

Religion is an important part of Balinese culture; as well as nature. Hindu gods and goddesses and the various elements of nature such as the sun, water and earth are often represented in local architecture. Furniture is no exception. This is how you can visit local dwellings made of teak doors with traditional patterns or wooden chairs typical of there. By interviewing a craftsman from a region specialized in the manufacture of these wooden doors (and yes, there each region has its specialty); Well, I realized that they were mostly destined for the US and Europe (Germany more precisely). But it is a type of architecture that can very well appeal to an american clientele. The Balinese use bamboo a lot as a material. It can also be an idea of ​​furniture to import with an ecofriendly positioning why not.

3. A restaurant with American-Indonesian fusion cuisine

Do you remember the strong community of enflish-speaking tourists found in Bali? You remember that they are looking for accommodation when they prepare their stay. Ben on the spot, they also seek to nourish themselves. And between us, I know few tourists who have been satisfied with the restaurant of their hotel, or who have had fun eating triangle sandwiches during their stay, to save money. And no, there, the cost to eat is lower than in the Us, so many tourists end up in a local restaurant (Warung). These same Warung can offer, in addition to local dishes, Chinese or Japanese and even Western dishes. The idea here would be not to offer Western dishes in addition to local dishes, but to reinvent recipes for english-speaking tourists and which mix the two cultures.

4. A SPA/relaxation area

I bet that if you carried out a survey aimed at english-speaking tourists (with purchasing power) to find out how many have already had at least one massage in a SPA during their stay; you would have 100% positive responses. Why ?! Well, like catering, the SPA remains below the prices we are used to seeing in America or elsewhere. But that’s not the only explanation. The other reason is that there are plenty of SPAs on the streets. You may be thinking, “So Xavier, if there are a lot of them, why open yet another one?! “. And this is a very relevant question that you ask yourself … I will answer you simply. On the one hand, the majority of SPAs are small businesses, with simplistic facades and not particularly qualified staff. To find a salon with the standards we know elsewhere, you have to look hard! Then, there is a reason that cannot be mistaken, it is the fact that they are all FULL. Try to get a massage at any time in a decent salon and you will see that they are all booked, all you have to do is make an appointment for later, or even the next day. Even low-end salons are full at certain times of the day, it’s good that there is a demand that has not yet been met.

5. Freelance consulting

Here, I wanted to address the freelance aspect. I will not give you concrete examples of freelance activities that you can launch from Bali. Because everything will depend on your desires, your area of ​​expertise and many other factors. But I had to tell you about this type of business, which represents an opportunity in Bali. Indeed, no need to start from scratch. If you are hired by a company and your job allows remote work, why not try to get hired on a freelance contract. I will not tell you about the advantages or disadvantages of this status in Bali. Just that many foreign entrepreneurs based in Bali are freelancers, because it represents a significant opportunity if you want to set up your own business and do it there. What better if you want to start a bigger business, to be already established there to know a little about the eco-system related to entrepreneurship in the country.