From home

The 5 best business idea to start from home

The idea of ​​setting up your online store tickles you more and more. After all, others are doing it and seeming to be fulfilled in their activity. So why not you ?! Especially since now creating an online store is quite simple and there are many tools that allow you to launch your site in a few clicks. In addition, you don’t even need to create a company or whatever, you can set up your small project as a hobby and start a micro-enterprise as soon as the first sales appear. Here I will give you 5 ideas for profitable shops to launch online and quite easily. Ps: I wrote an article where I give advice to create a business without money. It is available: here !

1. A resale shop for decorative items from abroad

If like me you like to travel, you necessarily want to take everything with you when you are abroad. By scouring the markets and artisan workshops, you have inevitably discovered local crafts and learned to appreciate them. Decoration in particular is really an area in which there is plenty to do in terms of imports. Why not create your online store and sell these elements to a target that will appreciate them.

2. A shop selling handcrafted jewelry

This type of business is perfect for those who love manual work and have an artistic streak. Obviously, to sell certain types of handcrafted jewelry, you will need certain qualifications because just to provide you with the raw material will not be so obvious (refer to the different legislations). But for those who want to sell handcrafted jewelry of the diy type and who are not affected by the various regulations, do not hesitate!

3. A kitchen utensil resale shop

The kitchen utensil market represents a niche with great potential. Moreover, it is not a market that will know the crisis, because it will always be necessary. Do not hesitate if you are passionate about cooking and/or you are a professional in the sector to offer quality tools that are often not easy to find for the uninitiated. The competition is great in this sector, but I’m sure you’ll be able to stand out.

4. A resale shop for dog items

Just like the niche market of kitchen utensils, the market for dog products has great potential. Because there are a large number of dog owners and they often have several. You may be the proud owner of a Chihuahua or other breed yourself and you know exactly what owners are looking for.

5. A second-hand macbook sales shop

This is a sector I know very well from having worked there in the past. There is a strong demand for second-hand macbooks as well as new ones. And yes, many parents buy them for their student children; many working people buy them to replace their old ones that have fallen into disrepair… etc. So the demand is there, it’s up to you to find the right offer to offer.