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The 5 best business ideas to become rich

You have a more or less assumed objective in mind: to become rich! And you know it’s going to be done with hard work and hard work. You also know that you can’t rely on luck, which tends to smile on others but not on you. But you know that you can count on yourself and on the establishment of a system (business) that meets a need?! Well in this article, I will help you skip the sometimes very long stage of finding an idea. I will present to you 5 business ideas that will help you achieve your goal: to become rich.

1. To become a business contributor

Businesses of all sizes have and always will need to find new customers. In some industries, the “average basket” of each customer can represent a sum of six figures, or even more! So imagine the level of commissions you can make with your business provider business. It’s up to you to develop your skills and your network; and to choose a sector of activity with high added value such as finance, luxury real estate, tourism … etc.

2. To become a wedding planner (luxury)

Are you able to create a network of customers who are ready to spend lavishly to have fun? Do you have imagination and the ability to adapt to the boldest desires of your customers? Did you dream of making others dream and working in the wedding planning sector? Well why not roll up your sleeves and start planning your first weddings. Start by asking your loved ones if they have someone close to them who is planning to get married soon and that you could help (at no additional cost to them). It will help you for your portfolio.

3. To sell online courses

There’s a saying that during the great gold rush in America, those who earned the most money weren’t the gold diggers! Do you know who made the most money? It was those who sold the tools to them. Well, this analysis is still valid today. No matter what expertise you have, don’t hesitate to teach the methods you’ve learned over time that have worked for you. The advantage of online training is that they are intangible products, which you can sell in unlimited quantities. Don’t forget to update them if necessary.

4. Create a tech startup

You have an analysis of a certain market and feel that few entrepreneurs see the world as you see it. You feel that there is a lack in a market; that consumers need a product that is easier to use, or of better quality. You feel this lack, yourself as a consumer, or with an outside point of view. You inquire around you and notice that many people also have this lack. Now is the time to look at a viable solution to put in place. By viable, I mean a solution for which the consumer is ready to pay, at the prices at which he is ready to pay it, and a solution which is initially an MVP (simple prototype and which directly addresses their problem). Here, no unnecessary waste of time on non-essential aspects, the goal is to release a version of your product quickly, to confront it with the market.

5. To open small restaurants

I’m sure I lost a lot with this business idea. I’m sure they say to themselves: “But Xavier, a restaurant represents a lot of expenses, how am I going to get rich with this?! In addition, by opening small … so with a small turnover. “. I will answer you simply. Do you know the history of Chipotle? Well I invite you to discover it. Its founder Steve Ells, wanted to open a REAL traditional restaurant, but could not afford it. He fell back on a small Mexican-style restaurant to make some money for his biggest project. And the demand was so high that he opened more and more! Create your own Chipotle, with an authentic model that is close to your heart and for which there is demand. I have an example of a mini restaurant in Marrakech where the founder chose a small bouiboui that she did not even decorate and which does not even have a roof. She has turned it into a vegetarian restaurant and only serves salads, with simple recipes and an ultra-limited menu. In your opinion, the business works or not?! She opened more.

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