The 5 best business ideas for students (easy to start)

I’ll take care of you, students! You who have a deep desire to start your own business! You who are tired of hearing that it’s still too early to start! You who know you can do it! And yes, entrepreneurship is not rocket science, and you don’t need to have had one or more experiences in the professional world to get started. I will give you some business ideas that you can develop while being a student. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you 5 business ideas to create with no money. It is available: here !

1. Create street-marketing services

The term is a bit broad and I’ll leave you to do your research to find out more. Me in general, in my articles, I try to give concrete examples that I tested (or not) and that you can apply. And in this case, I can tell you that I tested it and it was even easier and more profitable to set up than I thought. All you have to do is be resourceful. In my case, I appealed to municipal theaters and associations that organize shows. My goal was to offer them the opportunity to distribute flyers as a self-employed person. Believe me, there’s demand because they have shows every week and need to fill their rooms. The trick is that they can’t always use event agencies; and that hiring a full-time contract will cost them more while having a certain number of constraints that are too high. So that’s where you come in by offering your rates to theaters in your area. Above all, don’t be afraid to set prices above 20 or even $30 per hour.

2. To sell high tech items

You know online, it is possible to sell any type of material that is authorized for resale. The one I would advise is to sell used macbooks. This is the best use you can make of your $100 pocket money or student grant. The trick is to buy macbooks at around $100 ($150 max). You will look for ones that work and without major repairs to do on them. So I can already hear you saying to me: “But Xavier, how do you find that?”. Look carefully on online ad sites. Linger on Macs with battery and/or charger issues. Anyway at this price, your mac will inevitably have one or more problems and fortunately. Then buy a battery online and replace the old one same for the charger. It makes you increase the cost of purchasing your mac, but I promise you will make a profit, because the demand is enormous. Just be careful not to be fooled by hidden screws or buying a Notebook instead of a Mac or a Mac that isn’t! Then, every time you resell a mac, buy an even newer one, applying the battery-to-change technique and get it changed or changed if you know how. This will allow you to resell the mac even more expensive and make you a bigger margin. But above all, start with old models and be well aware of market prices.

3. Resell “donated” items

Yes, we can say that it’s a bit rough idea, but it is nonetheless a business idea. You didn’t really understand the business idea behind the title of this part?! Well, you know that there are a lot of englisj-speaking sites and Facebook groups that offer you to collect items donated by individuals or professionals (furniture, appliances, printers or computers). In the US, there’s a well-known site, it’s Well, believe me, people often give away furniture that can have a second life. You collect the items and resell them on an online ad site or on social networks. You can make some modifications (paint, repair) if necessary, to put all the chances on your side to sell the article and quickly! What I advise you is to also donate items that you don’t use on the site or the groups, because it’s not because you have a small business that you can’t donate in turn.

4. Offer private lessons

Do you have a particular skill or follow a course for which current demand is high? Offer private lessons. I have known classmates who made $60 every week with a client they were giving computer lessons to. The courses were aimed at people of a certain age who wanted to become independent and learn to use their computer. So we’re not in a movie, at first it’s not going to be easy to find these customers, but don’t hesitate to do favors for people in your neighborhood who are of a certain age, without expecting anything from return, who knows, they are or may be your future customers. They may have acquaintances that your services may be of interest. I take the example of the computer course, because it is an example that can be useful even to those who are not computer science students. But as I told you earlier, if you follow a particular course and you are good at what you do, there is surely a demand. Find out from your relatives and friends, they may know people who are interested.

5. Subscribe to an affiliate program

There are different ways to be an affiliate for a student. And they are not at all comparable to each other. But the end goal is to attract customers or prospects for a given business. I have chosen to talk to you about affiliation via your blog. Between us, it’s not the fastest, because it will take you a few months to earn your money with it. And initially, you’re not going to gain much compared to the workload. But this method will allow you to have money each month that comes in between $100 and $1000 depending on the domain on which your blog is. The areas with demand and which are the best paid by advertisers are finance, real estate, health. It’s up to you to write relevant articles, learn more about SEO and register with a specialized agency.