The 5 best business ideas for women (easy to start)

For those who have been following me for a while, you know that my thing is to offer you profitable business ideas that you can easily put in place! My ideas are ideas for business creation, which I myself set up or which I heard about and which show a fairly interesting profitability. I always try to offer you ideas that are a little outside the box, different from the classic ideas that we are generally told about. But sometimes it’s just classic little business ideas that work. Here I want to present you some original small business ideas that work. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you 5 business ideas to become rich. It is available: here !

1. To become a business contributor

What is the type of business, apart from consulting, that brings in money without the need to invest considerable sums? Well, it’s the business of introducers. It’s a business that few people talk about, because you will be told almost exclusively about what shines and not too much about the rest. And yet, you know that this business is one of the most profitable (depending on the branch in which you are located). There are business contributors in all sectors of activity: banking, construction, marketing, etc. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you the most and in which you can have good results. Business introducers are paid on commission and often on quite high amounts (depending on the sector of activity).

2. To create an online Saas business

This type of business will be more for women with a penchant for everything that is technological etc. Don’t panic, I’m not talking about investing several million euros and recruiting the best engineers to set up this type of business, I’ll explain to you how to do it simply. But already, I will quickly explain to you what a Saas business is. Basically, it’s web applications or software that provide a service to your customers. Again, it can be scary, but a simple website that solves your customers’ problems is a SaaS. I remember when Instagram-related service-type businesses were working. You didn’t need to be an engineer or have a lot of funds to invest. No, because there are a lot of marketplaces that allow you to buy this type of product at quite attractive costs and to offer Saas services, it’s up to you to find out !

3. To become an influencer

This is perhaps the type of activity that requires the least financial resources, but the most resources: in terms of time. But it is an investment that is worth the cost! Because the possibilities are endless in terms of business. It’s up to you to choose the type of influencer you want to be and to implement a more or less aggressive strategy to become one. And here I am talking to you about becoming a professional influencer. One who has a real business and generates turnover through its activities: whether it is affiliate marketing, influence marketing, e-commerce or the sale of training. The whole thing is to be able to manage to create your own little tribe and to respond to its problems. FYI: the activity of influencer has evolved a lot and today, the whole process from creating your audience to generating your first turnover has become more professional. Be careful not to trust any professional, trainer or coach who will offer to help you set up this type of activity.

4. To become a web editor

It’s a business idea that I hesitated to put as it is so popular. And you may not know it, but when a business is popular, well, I don’t recommend it. why, because each time an activity is confronted, there is a risk that the market will be saturated in the more or less long term. And the problem with online businesses of this style is that it is easy to access them. So everyone can ride one, as long as they know how to line up two words in French. So you will be competing with competitors of mediocre quality and who have a policy of penetration, that is to say, to obtain the maximum number of customers by lowering their prices. You don’t want to work more to earn less… And to those who think that there will always be customers ready to pay more for your services as long as they are of quality, know that those who sell at low costs are also able to make quality so don’t hide your face. So why recommend this business to you? Because I think that like any business, it will have to change and that clients will want more than just writing. This will put barriers to entry and get customers willing to pay more. So to those who would be interested, don’t hesitate to go there (next to a salaried job) hoping that the sector of activity will be buoyant in the future and not the other way around.

5. To sell used Macbook laptops

Here is a business that I exercised and that I regret not having deepened. This is the purchase and resale of used macbooks. It is a type of activity that requires having a small investment to put into the devices and that involves a certain risk, but which pays a lot. When I was in this business, I can tell you that I sold my items within 24 hours max, after putting them up for sale on specialized sales sites (Ebay or Craig’s list). The risk: you buy second-hand items from individuals, often abroad and without having seen the item. So it must not have hidden defects voluntarily by the seller. Then, your margin does not exceed a certain amount (between 100 and $500 depending on the model). Basically, customers want to buy a used product at half the price of new. So you have to get it even cheaper from your buyer. Negotiations can be complicated, because we are talking about Apple products recognized as being of fairly good quality.