Become rich

The 5 best business ideas with no money (easy to start)

It’s not easy to start a business without money! We often hear that we must have savings or at least a sufficient salary/income to allow us to get started. But you think everyone who got started had sufficient savings or income to get started?! Nope ! As you already know, it is quite possible to set up your business without money. What do I mean by “no money”?! Well I mean without a penny in your pocket, or even being overdrawn every month on your current account. How it is possible ? By being judicious, using your common sense and offering your product/service to the right target. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you 5 business ideas to become rich. It is available: here !

1. Resell “donated” items

Yes, we can say that it’s a bit rough idea, but it is nonetheless a business idea. You didn’t really understand the business idea behind the title of this part?! Well, you know that there are a lot of French-speaking sites and Facebook groups that offer you to collect items donated by individuals or professionals (furniture, appliances, printers or computers). Believe me, people donate in large quantities and often furniture that can have a second life. You collect the items and resell them on an online ad site or on social networks. You can make some modifications (paint, repair) if necessary, to put all the chances on your side to sell the article and quickly! What I advise you is to also give items that you don’t use on the site or the groups, because it’s not because you have a small business that you can’t donate in turn.

2. Sell street-marketing services

The term is a bit broad and I’ll leave you to do your research to find out more. Me in general, in my articles, I try to give concrete examples that I tested (or not) and that you can apply. And in this case, I can tell you that I tested it and it was even easier and more profitable to set up than I thought. All you have to do is be resourceful. You don’t need money to start this business. In my case, I appealed to municipal theaters and associations that organize shows. My goal was to offer them the opportunity to distribute flyers as a self-employed person. Believe me, there’s demand because they have shows every week and need to fill their rooms. The trick is that they can’t always use event agencies; and that hiring a CDD contract costs them more while having a certain number of constraints that are too high. So that’s where you come in by offering your rates to theaters in your area. Above all, don’t be afraid to set rates above 20 or even $30 per hour.

3. To become a coach

It is one of the favorite businesses of many entrepreneurs who are starting out. Because no need for specific training, just being able to offer your methods to a specific target. No need either for investment or budget to start your business. It will just take you a lot of time. Time to spend with your customers and finding new ones. Obviously, the barrier to entry will depend on the sector of activity in which you are and the target you are addressing. But as I write the article, it is still quite simple to get started as a coach in several different fields of activity. Be sure to offer proven methods and improve them.

4. To become a web editor

Surely you have heard of content writing. You didn’t know that it was possible to make a business out of it! Well know that wherever there is demand, well there is a business opportunity. And in this field of activity, there is a lot of demand! Whether it comes from large companies looking for quality writers for their site or any other means of promotion; or simply small web entrepreneurs looking to feed their blog with SEO-friendly content. It is possible to launch this type of business with zero euros in your pocket. You will still need an average of around thirty euros to register for at least one marketplace. It will allow you to quickly find your first customers and especially to refine your sales pitch for the following ones.

5. To subscribe to an affiliate program

There are different ways to affiliate for a student. And they are not at all comparable to each other. But the end goal is to attract customers or prospects for a given business. I have chosen to talk to you about affiliation via your blog. Between us, it’s not the fastest, because it will take you a few months to earn your money with it. And initially, you’re not going to gain much compared to the workload. But this method will allow you to have money each month that comes in between 100 and $1000 depending on the domain on which your blog is. The areas with demand and which are the best paid by advertisers are finance, real estate, health. It’s up to you to write relevant articles, learn more about SEO and register with a specialized agency.