7 business ideas to start in Thaïland

I am going to present to you 7 business ideas to launch in this beautiful country of Thailand. Whether you are already installed there or just want to create one or more profitable businesses; I will help you find the ideas that I think will be the most successful! Ps: I wrote an article where I give you 5 business ideas to set up in Bali. It is available: here !

1. To do seasonal rental

This is an area in which I have no expertise at all. It could be that this type of business requires you to be associated with a local or that you cannot own your property as is the case in Bali for example. So it’s a very high-risk type of business, given the changes that can operate in the country and the dishonest character of some people you can come across. But is that a bad business idea?! Well if you have money to allocate to this type of activity and you have a serious contact there and also that you get good advice, go for it!

2. Organize tourist circuits

Many tourists are looking for the same things when they visit a country, and Thailand is no exception. They are looking for a change of scenery, the discovery of what makes the authenticity of the country through its monuments, its history and also, if possible, meeting the locals. Why not organize tours that offer an approach closer to the tourists who are part of your target. The trick would be to have local guides who are able to show the essentials but also things that few tourists will have the chance to see by organizing their trip alone or with another service provider.

3. Become a business contributor

This type of business is applicable to all sectors of activity. Whether you are in banking/finance, luxury, real estate, tourism. The whole thing is to direct potential customers to service providers. You meet the needs of those who have supply and demand. It obviously requires having the trust of potential customers and having a vast network while listening to potential customers. But it is an area of ​​activity in which the gains can be very very high. This type of business is convenient to set up when you are settled in Thailand. Because if you network properly, you should be in contact with the diaspora living in the region or the country and therefore be on the front line as soon as someone has any need or needs help.

4. Export handicrafts

The advantage of Asian countries is the great wealth in terms of artisanal products. Admittedly, many come from the same factories, often Chinese, but it is still possible to export items such as furniture or highly prized traditional decoration to Western countries. It is also possible to export fashion items that are hard to find in Western countries. I talk about it in my article on Bali, where I take the example of Ubud which is the nerve center as far as sculpture is concerned. This is where all the sculptors and sculptors who make sculptures but also decorative elements such as traditional style doors are concentrated and which are sold to wealthy customers, mainly Germans. This is also valid for Thailand. It’s up to you to snoop around and get help from locals to find the item(s) that will make you successful.

5. Open a fusion restaurant

There are a number of restaurants that offer fusion cuisine. But I find that the concept remains quite generalist as in many other countries in the world. In general, fusion restaurants offer a mix between food from the country and elsewhere in the world. In general, in Asian countries, we have a mix of local food with that of several Western countries (a bit like to please as many customers as possible). Obviously, in my articles I only offer ideas, and I have not done any market research or other on any project. But why not offer fusion cuisine between Thai food and a region of France. Example: Thai-Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

6. Open a creperie

The idea may seem like what the fuck, but believe me it is not at all! Opening a crêperie or having a crêpe stand in a market is actually a really good idea. Because pancakes appeal to both tourists and locals there. And in the context of a market, you risk having a stand that is often full. This is something that I noticed during a trip there and which is explained by the fact that in the markets, we have the possibility of eating on the spot or taking away our various local dishes. But the stand does not sell dessert. So the customer has to find a stand with a dessert they want. Often we come across different stands but which sell the same type of local desserts (delicious but which we may want to change). So customers are not against a small crepe sold more expensive than a classic dessert.

7. Open a tattoo shop

Obviously, this type of business is aimed at those who have already worked in this sector upstream or who want to get into it. I’m telling you about it, because for me it’s a flourishing business, especially when it’s aimed at tourists. I met a tattoo artist in Bangkok who had been working as a freelancer for a few years. He manages to get a large French-speaking clientele, because French-speaking tourists feel more reassured to get a tattoo from someone they are 100% sure they understand. I don’t mean that French speakers don’t speak English, on the contrary, but it’s true that it’s still more reassuring. In addition, the tattoo artist is able to explain in detail certain characteristics of the style of traditional tattoos or Sak Yant from there, something that some locals do not do.

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