Halal business

The 5 best halal business ideas (easy to start)

In this article, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. It is about giving business ideas to a very specific community, that of Muslim and practicing women. Because yes, Muslim women can face certain problems when they are looking for a job (a husband who would prefer that they stay at home; a boss who does not accept that they can wear the veil for its office hours. And that may be one of those reasons that made you want to start your own business from home. I’ll help you with 5 Halal business ideas to set up from home. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you 5 business ideas to start without money. It is available: here !

1. Literary arabic lessons

Have you learned to write literary Arabic?! Did you know that it is a skill that is increasingly sought after by younger generations, who are looking to learn literary Arabic either for a specific project of moving to an Arabic-speaking country; and therefore to better understand the Arabic practiced in the country or increase their chances of finding a job. Or to deepen their faith and be able to read sacred texts. Either way, you’re the one for them. And you know what ?! No need to solicit clients for a long time, since they can be found in your entourage or your circle of friends.

2. Selling halal bakeries

Do you have a talent for creating pastries that your loved ones envy? And you have a diploma? Why not consider selling country baked goods for all the big occasions. This type of activity requires compliance with a number of conditions. But if you have them all together why not consider getting started? The advantage of this type of activity is that word of mouth works well, if the quality is there and if you meet deadlines. The disadvantage is that the clientele is more demanding with you than with a simple bakery.

3. The home child care

And yes, we often hear about childcare with the wage system; where the nanny is “employed” by the parents of the child she is caring for, while they pay her a salary and pay the government contributions. But at the time of writing the article, it is still possible to exercise this profession independently. And yes, it is a full-fledged business that you can exercise from your home. Again, find out about the certifications, insurance to have before embarking on this kind of activity, which remains quite sensitive.

4. Selling « modest fashion » clothes

I talk about this idea because it is an idea that I have seen a lot, whether in my circle of friends or on social networks. I thought it was quite good, and the Muslim women who put it up get a lot of orders. Basically, how do they do it? They offer articles with texts for Muslim mothers and their children. For example, they offer models of women’s t-shirts, with specific text and calligraphy. They offer the same thing for children, so women can dress in a rather funny outfit and dress their child the same.

5. The import of rare oriental items

Not easy to find certain items in the country where you live?! You know that some women are in the same embarrassment as you…why not make their life easier and allow them to buy items from Eastern countries that are not easy to find in the country where you live! How to resell them? On social networks, via a direct sales platform (Ebay, Amazon or Leboncoin); or directly via your little website. It’s a great idea that requires you to have a little cash and that you are aware of certain customs rules related to the products you want to resell.